Asset tracking device with camera is on the rise in Australia

Posted September 17, 2018 09:24:25 A new asset tracking device called the Zoombak tracker device, which costs about $400, has been spotted on the Australian streets.

Key points:The Zoombek tracker device is a camera mounted in the front of a car that attaches to the driver’s side window.

It allows people to track assets like cars, furniture, computers, jewellery and more on the road and through their homesKey pointsAsset tracking devices are used in Australia to help track down stolen property and property crimesIn a new release, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has released a list of the devices it has issued and the devices that have been detected in the last three months.

The Zoobak tracker is the second new asset tracker found in Australia this year.

In July, a man named Mark Wilson was sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing about $2,500 worth of electronics.

In November, the AFP released its first asset tracking data, a list containing data from three tracking devices, including the Zoobkak tracker, which has been on the market since January.

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