Apple says it’s banning horse tracking devices in iOS 8

Apple has announced that it is banning the use of third-party tracking devices like horse tracking and automatic braking devices in its iOS 8 operating system.

Apple said that it will now prohibit the use, for the first time, of such devices as GPS trackers and automatic vehicle braking systems.

The move comes after Apple said it had “serious concerns” about the use and misuse of such technology.

Apple has also confirmed that it was not aware of any widespread use of such systems, despite a previous announcement that it had removed them from iOS 8.

The decision to ban such devices was made by Apple’s software engineers, and was not related to any data breaches.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple was concerned about the growing use of these devices and wanted to remove them from the system.

“We are also concerned about their misuse and we want to make sure that people are not being misled by these devices,” Cook said in a blog post.

“This means that the iPhone will be the last product we sell that uses them.”

Apple will also not allow users to use third-parties to store information about them, and Apple has said that all third- party tracking systems must be approved by Apple before being used in iOS.

In a blogpost, Apple said that third- Party tracking can cause confusion for people with autism, epilepsy, epilepsy drugs, and other disorders, and that it has not approved them for use in iOS devices.

“The only way for you to know that a third party is not using your information to collect and use personal information about you is to stop using the third-Party tracking,” the blog post reads.

Apple added that it would work with the companies involved to ensure that the use or misuse of third party tracking is not used to obtain personal information, such as your name, address, or phone number.

“While we appreciate the concerns about the misuse of these technologies, we will not allow third-Parties to use them for any purpose other than for Apple-authorized use,” Apple said.

Apple has not released any additional information about the reasons for the ban, or whether it is related to Apple Pay or other services, but the company has previously warned that some third- parties are using tracking devices to collect personal information.

Apple introduced Apple Pay in November 2016, and has since released a series of software updates and services to make it more convenient to use.