How to buy a Walmart tracking device for $1.79

Walmart’s online shopping website announced Friday it is discontinuing its purchase of a $1,799 tracking device from a company called AirWatch.

The Walmart spokesman told ABC News the AirWatch device is no longer available for sale.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment from ABC News.

Walmart’s online store will continue to accept Amazon orders for the device, the spokesman said.

WalMart and Amazon have been locked in a dispute that has left customers frustrated.

Amazon’s Prime program offers discounts on products and services, but many consumers are unhappy with the prices that they pay.

They want more information and the ability to track their purchases and their purchases to make changes.

Walmart’s website, which has been blocked by Amazon, is one place consumers can track their products and their transactions.

Amazon and Walmart disagree on the way to do this.

Walmart argues it needs to do more to help consumers understand how their purchases work and how they can improve their shopping experience.

In a statement to ABC News, Amazon said: “The AirWatch is no more and is no where to be found at

The AirWatch will be back on as soon as possible.”

Walmart says the company is not changing its business model or policy on tracking devices, which it says can be used to track customers and items.

The retailer is also making improvements to its online shopping platform to make it easier for shoppers to shop online.ABC News’ Mark P. O’Connell contributed to this report.