Which phones do you trust with your data?

AT&T has the ability to track you down with a tracking device in your pocket.

So if you’re using a Samsung device, you might be able to track it to its location.

But the company says it can’t use this information to identify you, and that you should be wary.

At a tech conference, AT&t said it had found an attacker who’d managed to track down and steal a user’s device.

“As a matter of policy, we cannot confirm or deny the existence of any individual devices that are being tracked or the existence or content of any data that is being collected from those devices,” the company said in a statement.

“AT&T does not have any control over the location of any device or data that it gathers from these devices, nor does it share that information with third parties.”

The company said it would “continue to actively review and investigate” the issue, and was working with law enforcement and privacy advocates to understand the issue.

AT&ts statement did not address how the data could be used.

The Federal Trade Commission said it was reviewing AT&Ts decision to track users’ devices.

AT &ts is still in the process of updating its privacy policy, and will announce a new policy in coming weeks, FTC spokesperson Megan Purdy said in an email.