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article It seems like every day there are new rumors about the upcoming Apple TV and the rumored Apple TV Stick.

As you can imagine, this news isn’t good for Apple’s bottom line, and with the rumored launch date in April and the launch of Apple TV 4 on May 6, we’re going to have to wait and see what’s coming.

But, that’s not all!

The next rumors, coming from the likes of Reddit user /u/Nathan, has Apple releasing a smart TV, dubbed “SmartTV”, in April.

If you’re interested in the rumor, let’s take a look at the latest news!

How to find the rumored smart TV in April:  /u/_nathan is posting new updates on the Reddit forum every day.

On Monday, for example, Nathan said that he got his hands on a video of the “smart” Apple TV, and that he thought it looked “like a TV”.

Nathan also claimed that he used the “Smart” search feature on his Reddit account, and saw “a search result for ‘smart TV’.” That is, the “trend” that is driving the news on Reddit is this: the rumored “smart TV” will have a 4K display, and will support the Apple TV’s remote.

But the biggest piece of the story is that Nathan has uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, where he claims that he has a video proof that this rumored “tweaked” Apple tv is indeed in production.

So, what is the rumored Smart TV?

The rumored Smart tv will be made of “plastic, aluminum and glass” and will have 4K resolution.

The specs of the Smart TV:  “Apple TV 4 will have 8.3 inches of 3D space (3.7 inch screen) and will use an Apple Watch 3D Touch (not a 2D touch).

It will be an iPad Pro-sized tablet, with a 4.5-inch display.” 

The rumored SmartTV will have an OLED display, which should be able to support 4K resolutions.

The rumored Apple Watch will also be supported.

The leaked video shows that the Smart tv is “in the process of being manufactured”, and “at this time the production line has not yet been closed”.

But, there is no mention of an official release date.

The “smart tv” seems to be just a rumor, and there is nothing to confirm about the rumored product, so you have to look at it as an unconfirmed rumor.

But it’s still nice to know that we’re getting a “tweetable” product from the Apple Watch, right?

So, what does the rumored 4K Apple tv look like?

“I can’t wait for this new Apple TV.”

The rumored 4k Apple TV looks like the exact same product as the Apple watch, except that the 4K screen and the 4.0 inch screen size are a bit different.

The difference is that the Apple tv has an OLED screen and an Apple watch has an LCD display.

The 4K device also comes with an NFC chip, which is a bit more advanced than the NFC technology used in the Apple device.

The 3D screen on the Apple show, however, is still a LCD screen.

It looks more like a “plasticky” OLED display that is still curved.

There is also a rumor that the rumored 6.5 inch Apple TV will come with a 5.7-inch screen.

The Apple tv 4 was rumored to come with an 8.7″ screen, which would make it a 5k TV.

But, this is just a rumour, so don’t get too excited.

But still, it’s nice to see a rumored Apple tv in the works.

And, if you are wondering about the rumors that have been circulating, there are a few that have a lot of merit.

For example, the Apple smart tv is rumored to have 4GB RAM and 4GB of storage, and this is a great device for streaming movies and videos.

The device will also support iTunes Store, the iTunes app store, and the App Store on your smart TV.

Apple has said that it will be bringing the “iTunes Remote” to the Apple TVs, but the rumor says that the remote will have two different buttons: a physical button that connects to the remote, and a digital button that is used to connect to your Apple TV.

The physical button is expected to be on the front of the device.

The Apple TV is rumored for a release in April, which means that we are probably going to see this product sometime in May.

Rumor #1: Apple TV 3D Smart is a 4k TV, 4K Display, and Apple Watch 4.4.1 with NFC chip in it.

A rumor has emerged that Apple TV 2 will support Apple Watch and iPhone apps.

Apple TV Smart is rumored