How to track your pets with Bluetooth tracking device

A new type of Bluetooth tracking technology is being trialled in NSW, where police are warning that it is a new type that could be used to track animals.

Key points:The use of a Bluetooth device to track an animal is potentially dangerous, the NSW Police warnA NSW Police helicopter is now flying overhead to warn people to stay away from the areaThe devices have the potential to be used for more than just tracking animalsPolice have already used them to find a missing dog in the city’s west, but the technology has now been trialled on a larger scale.

Key facts:A new type known as ‘BLE’ is a technology that allows for more sensitive tracking of animals.

In NSW, police are now trialling a Bluetooth tracking system that can detect and track dogs and cats.

What is it?

The NSW Police are recommending that people stay away for a week from the areas around Kings Cross Station to avoid being trapped in a maze of dogs.

Police said the technology was designed to be more effective and safe than other tracking systems because it could track animals for longer periods.

“It can be used over longer periods, and we have been testing it in a number of areas,” NSW Police Superintendent Mark Fergusson said.

“In a controlled environment, it is more effective, more accurate and has the potential for longer lasting tracking of an animal.”

The potential for long-term tracking is something we need to monitor and control.

“The NSW Government has not said how long the device would be on the ground, but police said they had seen it being used on a police helicopter for a short period of time.

What’s more, police have said the devices have no need for a dog tag, meaning that you would be able to tag them yourself without the need to leave your home.”

There are a number devices that have already been tested, and they are able to detect and locate an animal, but we need a more sensitive device, which has the capability to be a mobile tracking system,” Superintendent Fergasson said, adding that the technology had already been trialed in the state.”

We don’t want people to have to leave their home to go and check out the area where we are, because they might end up being captured in the process.

“Police have also said that the devices were not being used for illegal activities and that it was possible they could be a good idea for a police officer.”

For us, we are only using these for law enforcement purposes,” Superintendent Fengusson told reporters.”

What we are doing is working with the owners and they understand that these devices can be very useful, and are helping us in our policing and public safety activities.