Spiderman tracking gadget turns your iPhone into a spider web reader

An iPhone and iPad are both in the possession of a spook who wants to track you.

The devices are also linked together with a spider-web-like device that can be used to track your movements in real time.

The Spiderman tracker is the brainchild of Australian designer, developer and inventor Peter Parker, who is currently working on a second version that will also track his smartphone, his home and even his car.

The device is said to be similar to Spiderman’s signature gadget, Spider-Man Tracker, but with a few key differences.

Parker, who has spent years researching how to make his smartphone an active tracker, says the device will be able to capture every single movement you make, from your face to your hands, and store them in a cloud.

It’s also said to include a special microphone, a microphone that can record audio from your voice and even allow you to speak into the device.

When the device detects your movement it will send a message to your iPhone, letting you know how far away you are from the location of the spider and how long it will take it to catch up.

The phone will then send a signal to your Spiderman Tracker device, which will then be able read the information, and send back a tracking number, which is what the spook wants to know.

The Spiderman device also includes a camera that can capture a video of you and send it to a server in the Spiderman app, and it’s said to have a built-in GPS so that it can track you wherever you are.

While the SpiderMan Tracker is said by Parker to have “no battery life whatsoever,” the developer has a pretty strong case to make that it will last longer than the average smartphone battery.

If the device is a success, it’s also being touted as an easy way to protect your iPhone from hackers and other criminals.

Spiderman Tracker is a clever, easy to use tracking device that could potentially save livesThe device has a built in GPS and a microphone, which Parker says will let you know if you’re in danger of being tracked.

But what about security?

Parker says it’s impossible to keep track of your location by simply turning your phone off, but that’s exactly what he and his team are trying to achieve.

“You’re going to have to make a choice as to how you want to use your phone,” Parker said.

“I’m thinking of having a microphone on the phone so I can hear what I’m doing.”

Parker says that while his device has no battery life, he hopes to eventually replace it with a replacement with a battery life of two years.

That’s a tall order, as the Spidermans tracker could potentially become a valuable asset for the police, or the FBI.

And that could be a very good thing for the rest of us.

(Story continues below image)A spokesperson for the Australian Federal Police said that it was “committed to developing innovative new technology to help law enforcement agencies understand the activities of criminals, including cyber criminals, and to help them deter them, as well as assist them in solving crime, in the digital age.”

As an agency we have a long-standing commitment to developing, producing and deploying innovative, cost effective technology, which, if used effectively, will help to enhance public safety and protect the privacy of Australians and other Australians.

“The spokesperson said the agency was in talks with Parker about the product.

Meanwhile, a number of companies have already started selling tracking devices.

There are some, like iSmart, that have a tracking feature that allows users to monitor their devices.

Apple is also offering the ability to set up tracking of a device to send alerts to the police or other law enforcement.