‘Halloween Special’: Tracking devices on Thanksgiving Day

Two of the four devices being used to track the whereabouts of two turtle turtles have been placed in the same location, a turtle expert says.

A company called Turtle Tracking Devices Inc. purchased a tracking device from the company in Florida, and has since installed it in the backyard of a house in Palm Beach County, Florida, where the turtles live, said Jason R. Hall, an environmental ecologist and turtle researcher at Florida Atlantic University.

Hall said the tracking device works by placing a microchip in the turtle’s skin.

When the turtle gets close to a person or object, the chip emits a signal, and the turtle can be tracked by the device.

The turtle is also able to detect the location of a person’s finger, which can help the turtle identify an individual.

It also can be used to determine how far away a person is, said Hall.

The turtles are also equipped with a small antenna that can detect infrared light.

The device is a $10.99 device that includes a microcontroller, a microSD card and a GPS chip, Hall said.

The turtle can also track a person on a computer screen.

Risk factors for the turtle tracking device include people with arthritis, heart disease or cancer, he said.

Turtles in the wild have an average life span of 12 to 15 years, and many turtles have anemia and kidney failure, Hall added.

The device is used by a person to track their location for up to a week at a time.

Turtle Tracking devices are used in many places around the world, but the company said they are not being used in the United States.

Turtles are endangered in the Western Hemisphere, where there are fewer turtles than in other parts of the world.