Lojack: ‘Lojack is a very unique, very unique thing’

The creators of Lojack, a 3D racing game with a futuristic twist, have created a device to track a player’s virtual cars.

The company, which also made a car-tracking app, unveiled the device Wednesday at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

In the game, players drive vehicles on the tracks of a futuristic amusement park.

They can control their cars in real time by turning their head and using their joystick.

The device is the first time Lojack’s creators have developed an off-the-shelf device that can track a user’s virtual car.

Lojack is available on Google Play for free, and will go on sale for $29.99 on Friday.

“We are creating a vehicle tracking app that will let you create your own game-inspired experiences,” Lojack co-founder and CEO David Einhorn told me.

This is the second device from Lojack that the company has released in the past year.

Launched in February, Lojack tracked the head movements of a player on a virtual car in real-time.

The company has made several other devices, but none have come close to tracking a player in real life.

The Lojack team has been working on the Lojack tracker for months.

“The main goal is to be able to take a virtual driving game and put it in a more realistic setting,” Einhorn said.

While the team is using the LoJack tracker to track players’ head movements, it is not tracking a user, he added.

It’s also not a trackpad.

Lojack will be available on the Play Store for $19.99.

It has already sold over 3 million copies in the first two weeks of release, according to EinHorn.