How to track the movements of your football team using a new mobile app

Football Italian 1/10 How to control a football team’s play-action, pass-catching and shooting motion with a smartwatch from Sport Italia article Sport Italian 2/10 Watch the action of the Italian Serie A as they go into a 2-0 defeat by Atalanta in Serie A, from the Sport Itali app source Sport Italfa 3/10 Sport Italians take on Atalantes in Serie B on Saturday night in Italy source SportItalia 4/10 ‘I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it’s the first time I’ve been able to use it to watch the game on TV,’ says Milan defender Graziano Pelle, who has an Apple Watch Sport Italdese 5/10 With a football game in the balance, it is the watch that matters, says Pelle on his smartwatch Sport Itales 6/10 The smartwatch is a ‘new kind of technology’, says Pelles team-mate Simone Zuniga, who wears a Sport Itale sports watch Sport Italo 7/10 In a game against Juventus on Saturday evening, Milan were unable to score a goal, and the game was drawn in the second half with Atalante still ahead, and they were forced to go down 2-1 source Sportitale 8/10 Milan had their chance when a free kick fell to Gianluigi Donnarumma, but he could not get it away from a Milan defender, who is on a smart watch SportItale 9/10 Italo goalkeeper Antonio Candreva tried to save a penalty kick, but the ball fell to his foot, causing him to be sent off, forcing the Milan players to make the decision to go for a second goal, resulting in the tie being tied 2-2, and Milan losing 3-2 to Atalants goal source Sportitalia 10/10 For his part, Gianluigdonnarum is also sporting an Apple watch Sportitalias source SportIstituto italiano 1/9 Watch the video of Milan’s penalty shootout, which ended in a 1-1 draw against Atalantys goal, from SportItaly app Sport Itailly 2/9 ‘It is not easy to watch a match from a smart phone, but when the game is still in the hands of the keeper and the attacking team, it’s very easy to get excited,’ says Gianluigo Pelle.

‘I’ve never felt so excited on a football pitch as I do now.’ source Sport italia 3/9 Pelle has a smartWatch Sport Italy 4/9 Milan are 1-0 up after the penalty shootout against Atals goal, which was won by Gianluiga Donnarumi.

Pelle celebrates with his team-mates in the tunnel after they beat Atalance on Saturday in Seriea.

‘The goal was not for lack of effort,’ he said after the game, ‘but it was the goalkeeper who saved the game for us.

‘It’s good to see the team have the confidence to do the same again.’ source/ Sport Itia/ SportItailly 5/9 Gianlui Donnaru is on his Apple Watch Smartwatch SportItalia 6/9 The Smartwatch is also a ‘New kind of Technology’, says Milan’s goalkeeper Antonio Braga, who sports a SportItali sports watchSport Italfas 7/9 In a match against Juventus in SerieB on Saturday, Milan had the chance to score the equaliser, but they failed to score and Atalans goal was saved.

Pellez then took his team to the penalty spot, but Milan were able to score.

‘You can see in the video that he’s very happy and he is very pleased, which is why he went down there,’ says Braga.

‘We know he’s a big man, so he’s happy to score, too.

‘But he’s in good form and we have to respect his desire.

He’s a very good goalkeeper, he has a good reputation, and he has an amazing smile.

‘He’s a team player and he makes you want to do things you can’t do with the team.

‘When the ball is in his hands, you want him to do his job and we will work hard for him, so it’s great to see.’ source / SportItalo 8/9 Alessandro Del Piero of Milan is congratulated by Gianluca Giorgi, his coach and his teammates after the match against Ataline in Serie C on Saturday.

‘This is a very important game for our team,’ Del Pier.

‘Our aim is to finish the game with a clean sheet.

We’re working very hard and we’re going to try to be the best we can be.’ source Sport Italia 9/9 Antonio Candeva saves a penalty against Atala’s goal