Apple and Google are suing to block the release of a chicken tracking device

Apple is suing Google to block a feature that allows users to track and monitor their pet’s movements.

In a federal court filing on Monday, Apple and the tech giant’s parent company Alphabet Inc., said the tracking features were being used to “monitor the health and welfare of companion animals” and to “manipulate the behavior of animals.”

The court filing says Google has not adequately explained the tracking feature and that Google has “failed to adequately address the potential harms that the feature might cause.”

The lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, claims that Google “has engaged in deceptive conduct” and “has failed to adequately disclose to users the potential harm of tracking their companion animals and to disclose any significant information about the tracking and the potential impacts of tracking on the companion animals.”

The Apple lawsuit says the tracking could have a chilling effect on pet owners who don’t want their pets tracked, because it could “make it more difficult for owners to monitor their pets.”

The filing also says that Apple has “not provided adequate notice to the public” that it is a trademark holder of the phrase “chicken tracker” and that Apple could use the phrase to identify the product as a “chick tracking device.”

Apple also says it has “grave concerns” about the use of the tracking technology by Google, and has not disclosed any information about it.

The lawsuit also says Apple has failed to address concerns that the tracking might “lead to the theft of property or other harm to the property owner.”

The case is Apple vs. Google, U.K. District of Columbia, No. 2:16-cv-00233.