Australia tracking device with facial recognition

A new device with Australian facial recognition could soon be on sale in the US, with the Australian government claiming it could help catch criminals and other criminals who break into cars, homes and other places.

The Australian government has been working on the technology for more than a year, but a press release from the Federal Government last week confirmed that a device was now available.

“The Australian Government has commenced a national research and development programme on a facial recognition system that would be available to the Australian public in a form that is as close to facial recognition as possible,” it read.

“In addition to being able to recognise facial features, the system would also be able to identify individuals based on their facial features.”

The device is expected to be commercially available in the next few months, with it being touted as a more secure way of tracking criminals than facial recognition.

“A facial recognition solution is very much an emerging technology and it will take time for it to get to where we want to be,” Australian Federal Police Acting Commissioner Greg Medcraft told ABC Radio.

“It’s a technology that is in the early stages of development.”

But we’re hoping it will become available to Australians by the end of this year.

“The project, which has been underway for more a year and will cost between $100,000 and $250,000, was first announced by Prime Minister Tony Abbott in December.

In the statement, he said the facial recognition technology would be used in a “robust way” to catch criminals who broke into cars and other vehicles.”

There’s been an enormous amount of research, development and testing by Australian agencies,” Mr Medcraft said.”

And with this research and the development of facial recognition, the Australian Government believes that this technology will become a reality.

“The Federal Government is seeking $1 million for the project, and hopes to start testing the device in the fall.”

This project will help secure our communities, protect the Australian people, and protect the Commonwealth from any future threats to our national security,” Acting Federal Police Commissioner Greg O’Brien said in a statement.”

We will continue to work with the industry to ensure this technology is available to all Australians.

“Mr Medcraft has previously said that facial recognition is still “a bit of a mystery” to Australians, but he said there are “many examples of facial detection systems that have been in use around the world”.”

The idea of using facial recognition to identify criminals is one that is still in its infancy and there is a lot more to be done,” he said.

The Federal Police said the device would be a “real deterrent”, and could also help law enforcement agencies track down people who are suspected of committing crimes.”

Using facial recognition will give law enforcement the ability to target individuals who may be involved in a serious crime,” the statement said.