Securestrap tracker device to be launched in Israel

The Israeli startup Securestrap is launching a new tracker device that will be used to track people sleeping.

The Securestrap device is an extension of the company’s Sleep Tracker that can be used for tracking the location of a person’s eyes, ears and scalp.

The company says it will be launched on Tuesday in Tel Aviv, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai-Ahmedabad, Israel and Jerusalem.

The Securerock device uses a unique sensor to collect the location data of the person’s scalp and eyes.

The Securerock sensor is an optical sensor that attaches to a Securestrap, a sleep tracking device.

The sensor will detect the location and movement of the head, body and face of the wearer.

“The SecureRock sensor is very sensitive,” said Amir Kanaan, head of Securestrap’s marketing.

“It has a very sensitive field of view and is very easy to move.

It’s not easy to hide the sensor in the ear.”

The Securelock device is a smartphone app that can track people’s location using a device on their wrist.

It has a range of sensors that can capture the location, position and motion of the device.

A company called SecureLocker, which developed Securerock, has also announced a new tracking device that is similar to the Securerock.

Israel has not released an official price or specifications for the SecureRock device.

However, the company claims it will cost less than $30.

The Israeli startup has already tested the Securelock on a small number of people in the country.

The devices are not yet available in the United States.