How to remove the Apple tracking device from your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iOS 10 introduces a new feature called the “Apple Watch” and it’s an extremely useful one.

But it’s not the only way to turn your Apple Watch into a remote.

It’s also a great way to access your phone and other iOS devices without having to go through the settings on your Apple device.

We’re going to show you how to remove it and get the Apple Watch back.

What you need to do:Open Settings, and then tap General.

If you don’t see General, open Settings again.

Tap the Apple icon.

Tap on “iTunes.”

Tap the toggle to “Toggle the display of the Apple watch icon in the upper right corner.”

This is what the Apple display looks like when the “i” is displayed.

You can also use the icon to select the display type you want.

In the “Troubleshooting” section of the Settings app, tap the Troubleshooting button to open the Apple Diagnostics tools.

Tap “Apple” once.

Tap Settings.

Tap About.

Tap General.

Tap Diagnostics.

Tap Apple Watch.

You will now see the Apple logo on your watch face.

This is the Apple Display on your iPhone or iPad.

You should see the icon on your phone’s display as well.

If you don´t see the “I” icon, then the “Show Apple Watch” option doesn’t exist on your device.

You can now tap the “Display” option to see what the “iPhone” and “iPad” displays look like.

Tap the “Settings” icon to open Apple Diagnostic tools.

On your iPhone, open “Settings.”

Tap “General.”

Tap About.

“Tap General.”

Tap Diagnostic.

Tap Device.

Tap Devices.

Tap your Apple watch.

You should now see an Apple Watch display.

If the icon is on your iOS device, you have the AppleWatch back.

If the icon isn’t there, then your AppleWatch has been removed.

If everything is working fine, tap “Settings,” tap the Apple button, and tap the icon again.

This will open the “About” section.

Tap it.

Tap Software updates.

Tap System updates.

Your iPhone should now be set to install software updates automatically when it boots.

If it doesn’t, you may have to tap “More,” and then “Reboot,” to enable them.

If it does, then they will install automatically.

Tap a notification.

If your watch faces display, you should see a notification, like this:Apple Watch is back!

If everything is going well, tap it again.

Your Apple Watch should now show up in your “Settings”—it’s back.

Tap an icon.

This will open Apple Watch Settings.

If everything looks good, tap that icon again and then the icon of your Applewatch.

You are now in Apple Watch Mode, where you can tap the little green arrow at the top of the screen to toggle between Apple Watch mode and the traditional Apple Watch, if you want to use that mode.