The Best Bike Tracker Apps for Android and iOS in 2018

We’ve put together a list of the best bike tracking devices for Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

While the Moto 360 is the obvious choice, there are also a few other devices we’ve recommended for you to check out.

Check out our guide to the best cycling apps for Android in 2018 for the best Android-based tracking devices, apps, and games available.1.

Motorola Xoom Tracker2.

Garmin XG3603.

Leeco MX5 Tracker4.

Bontrager G3R5 Tracker5.

Leech 3.2.

Leecos 3.3.

KiteCycle 3.4.

Strava 3.5.

Stryder 3.6.

Polar Stryd3.7.

Polar V5 Tracker8.

Polar B2 Tracker9.

KOMO Pro5.9.

Garmin Straviv4.10.

Z-Pro Tracker11.

Stromboli 4.12.

Polar S5 Tracker13.

Legere 6.14.

Storlon Tracker14.

Wahoo Tracker15.

Zebra Rider Tracker16.

Polar EZ Tracker17.

Smart Tracker 18.19.

Garmin Fenix 3 Tracker20.

Garmin Forerunner 4 Tracker21.

Polar G4 Tracker22.

Leebo 3 Tracker23.

Polar M5 Tracker24.

Garmin Edge 500 Tracker25.

Stompsports 3 Tracker26.

Polar K5 Tracker27.

Garmin Epson V2 Tracker28.

Garmin Blaze 430 Tracker29.

Stobie Tracker30.

Stroll 2 Tracker31.

Polar C3 Tracker32.

Strobie Tracker3.3a.

Polar Wahoo 4 Tracker3b.

Polar MX5 4 Tracker4a.

Garmin K1 Tracker3c.

Polar R5 Tracker3d.

Polar MT3 Tracker3e.

Polar Elite Tracker3f.

Polar Pro Tracker3g.

Polar Z-Wave Tracker4b.

Stroller Tracker4c.

Strollers Tracker4d.

Stem Tracker5a.

Stylo 4 Tracker5b.

Zillow 4 Tracker6.

Strolling Tracker7.

Zomato Tracker8a.

Zagato Tracker9b.

Tracker 9 Tracker10.

Tracker 11 Tracker12.

Tracker 13 Tracker14a.

Tracker 15 Tracker15a.

Trackers Tracker16a.

GPS Tracker17b.

GPS TrackersTracker Tracker18.

Track Tracker Tracker19.

GPS Tracking Tracker20a.

Bluetooth Tracker21b.

Bluetooth Tracking Tracker22a.

USB Tracker23a.

Mic Tracker24a.

Smart Tracking Tracker25b.

Wireless Tracking Tracker26a.

Wi-Fi Tracker27a.

Wireless TrackersTrackers Tracker28a.

3D Tracking Tracker29a.

Gear Tracker30a.

Fitness Tracker31a.

Weight Tracker32a.

Activity Tracker33a.

Running Tracker34a.

Cycling Tracker35a.

Workout Tracker36a.

Exercise Tracker37a.

Health Tracker38a.

Nutrition Tracker39a.

Music Tracker40a.

Games Tracker41a.

Sports Tracker42a.

Travel Tracker43a.

Entertainment Tracker44a.

Personal Trainer45a.

Gym Trainer46a.

Sport Trainer47a.

Selfie Tracker48a.

Video Game Tracker49a.

Home Theater Tracker50a.

Gamepad Tracker51a.

Tablet Tracker52a.

Desktop Tracker53a.

Gaming Tracker54a.

Media Player55a.

Laptop Tracker56a.

Mobile Phone Tracker57a.

TV Player58a.

Portable Computer59a.

Docking Station60a.


Computer 62a.

Keyboard 63a.

Mouse 64a.

Fingerprint Reader65a.

Optical Touchpad66a.

NFC Reader67a.

Wifi Adapter68a.


FM Radio69a, FM Radio70a.

HDMI 71a.

SD Card 72a.

Camera 73a.

Earbuds 74a.

Headphones 75a.

Power Adapter 76a.

Car Charger 77a.

Charger 78a.

Battery 79a.

Storage 80a.

Networking 81a.

Remote Control 82a.

Display 83a.

Sound Devices 84a.

Ethernet 85a.

Audio Output 86a.

LAN 87a.

Speaker 88a.

Hub 89a.

Phone 90a.

Dock 91a.

Standby 92a.

Monitor 93a.

Radio (LTE) 94a.

WiFi 95a.

Internet 95a, Wifi, Ethernet 96a, Ethernet 97a, LTE 98a, Wireless, Cellular 99a, Bluetooth 100a, GPS 101a, Phone 102a, Internet 103a, Audio Output 104a, Networking 105a, TV Output 106a, Display 107a, Storage 108a, USB 109a, Camera 110a, Headphones 111a, Power Adapter 112a, Battery 113a, Mobile Phone 114a, Desktop Monitor 115a, Gamepad Monitor 116a, Car Charging Station 117a