What’s the Milwaukee tracking devices that the Milwaukee police use?

Google has started to release more details about the Milwaukee tracking devices it uses in its police use of data.

According to documents leaked to the New York Times, the Milwaukee Police Department uses a variety of devices, some of which have been linked to some of the surveillance technologies being used by other cities, including New York City and San Francisco.

The New York Post and the Guardian report that police in Milwaukee have used a device that is part of a database known as “Sgt. John Doe.”

The Milwaukee Police department has not yet responded to a request for comment on the documents.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn told the New Yorker last month that the department uses “a lot of technology” to collect information about residents and visitors.

The city’s police department is also reportedly tracking the movements of people using facial recognition software.

Milwauke is the first American city to be sued by a U.S. privacy rights group over the use of facial recognition technology.

In a letter to the U.K. government, the group Privacy International said that the facial recognition system used in Milwaukee was not “reasonable” and was “an invasion of the privacy of citizens.”